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Let's start this thing right.


The First Base


Pitch Design Co. is an agile team of strategic designers specializing in sports, education, and events. We work with local and global partners to generate outsized impact and build memorable, valuable brands.

We understand it is extremely difficult to find excellent partners, especially in the creative and strategic fields. That's why we developed The First Base Project.

This project is designed so we can get to know and evaluate each other, to see if we work well together. If we do, Pitch will continue to build on the work we've begun, kickstarting our brand development and putting us that much closer to your goals. In the event we do not, you will have a packet essential to the growth of your brand, which you are free to implement on your own or with the agency of your choice. 

Let's get to First Base, and see where it goes from there.

...and his work is always incredible. He is patient, takes the time to understand our needs, and is highly collaborative.
— Michael Kearns, VP of Enterprise Strategy, Toptal



So, what does this project include, anyway? Am I actually going to walk away from this thing with something useful?

Yes. First Base is essentially a streamlined version of our first steps for every single brand and project. We take an initial dive into your brand story, goals, competition, challenges, and unique values to build a preliminary gameplan. 



Upon receiving a completed First Base questionnaire, we begin to research the elements and architecture of your brand. This includes a preliminary dive into everything from your brand story, promises and value propositions, to visual components like logos, uniforms and illustrations, to verbal elements like common phrases or values or ideas that are important, to experiential ones like unique chants at a football game, or details of the story that are essential to fans.



Every brand exists within an ecosystem. This ecosystem exerts pressure on the brand as much as the other way around. So much, in some cases, that the brand is defined by what it is (or isn't) in relation to its context. We evaluate the existing brands and brand architecture of direct and indirect competition, as well as other existing brands that can serve as comparisons for your situation when applicable. We are looking for "voids," visual or tonal spaces our brand can easily occupy and claim as unique, that are consistent with our story.



In this phase we clarify our goals and values, and dig into other critical content from the questionnaire, to develop a further set of specific questions pertaining to your particular context. An ideal outcome here is a very clear vision for where we want the brand to go. We need to establish this vision before we can figure out how to get it there.



In our second meeting we review everything we've researched up to this point, including the audit, competitive evaluation, and brand goals. At this point we suggest preliminary strategic directions. We also pose some of those additional questions for you to begin thinking about - these questions are designed to spark conversation and further discovery before diving into a full brand development project.

Working with Joshua Berman is a wonderful experience. I highly recommend him.
— Alan Amman, COO of MPRM Communications

The First Base Project - $2,450


We always recommend this step first if you are uncertain of the direction your brand should take in the upcoming season, or months or years. First Base is for introduction and exploration: a glimpse into the Pitch process and team. We don't want to commit to an enormous, multi-year brand development project unless we're both certain the fit is right.

If we do end up partnering after The First Base Project, we will subtract the cost of the project from our future work together.